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Life is the kind of experience that’s gonna hit you square in the balls when you least expect it. Chances are you’ll fall in love (probably more than once). You will lose a job at some point. People close to you are going to die.

There’s nothing you can do to prevent old age, sickness or heartbreak.

Life is great, yeah, but there will be people in it that you can’t trust. People you CAN trust. And, more scarily, people who will lead you into believing they can be trusted.

Life will bring you a whole host of new experiences. Some good, some bad. You’ll feel out of your depth in a new job. You’ll move away, and it’ll scare you. Friends will come and go. The same with family.

There will be times when you want nothing more than to read somebody else’s mind – be happy enough you can read your own.

Cursing your bad luck isn’t going to help anybody either. Sure, you can convince yourself it’s all part of ‘God’s Plan’, but it isn’t God who picks you up off your arse when the shit hits the fan – it’s you.

Believe that life’s all about sunny days, handy money, and happy marriages; you won’t get on too well.

Know that life is always there. Enjoy it. There are no second chances.

But always, always, be prepared for that day when life comes to kick you square in the nuts.

Life is no fairytale. Deal with it.


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